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NJMCDirect is an online payment portal managed by New Jersey Municipal Court. People who have to pay vehicle parking tickets or fines for violating the traffic rules can make payment via this portal without visiting the court physically. The process of making payments is simple and easy. Here, We provided instructions to understand the process better.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to pay your traffic ticket on NJMCDirect portal, working hours of the portal, NJSurcharge, and customer service details.

How do I pay my Traffic Ticket on NJMCDirect.com?

You must pay for your traffic ticket within 30 days. For the payment process, we are describing here what are the requirements to pay tickets online along with a step-by-step guide.

Requirements Before You Proceed


Before you visit the NJMC Direct Online Payment Portal to pay your traffic tickets or fines, make sure you have the following particulars with you.

  1. License Plate Number of your vehicle.
  2. Parking or Traffic Ticket that shows details like Ticket Number, Court ID/Name, Prefix, and Type of Violation.
  3. State where your car has been registered.

Steps to Make Pay Traffic Tickets on NJMCDrirect

  • First, open a web browser that supports the NJMC Direct portal. Google Chrome and Firefox are preferred.
  • Now go to the official website of NJMCDirect. You can access it at https://www.njmcdirect.com
  • This takes some time to load. Please do not close the window.
  • Once the portal is opened at your screen, it features two options – Traffic Ticket on the left side and Municipal Complaint (Time Payment Order) on the right side.

pay njmc tickets

  • Choose the Traffic Ticket option.
  • Type the Court ID/Name, Prefix, and Ticket Number from the traffic ticket you have.
  • Then provide your License Plate Number and press the “Search” button.
  • You will be offered two types of payment options. You can choose to see your ticket online before making the payment or you can pay directly without taking a look at the ticket. Select your payment option as per your requirement.
  • Now, you will be directed to the payment page where you have to enter your credit or debit card details to complete the payment.

In case you don’t have the ticket number, you can do a Case Search For that, you have to visit the official website New Jersey Courts Case Search Portal or just click here. You can search for a case with the help of the following information.

  • Ticket Number
  • Driving License Number
  • Complaint Number
  • Name

NJMCDirect Working Hours

The NJMCDirect portal is not available 24×7. You can’t access the website at any time of the day to pay your traffic ticket/fine. Here is the working hour schedule for the portal that you need to follow to process your payment.

  • The portal is operational from Monday to Thursday between 4.30 AM to 11.15 PM (EST).
  • On Friday, you can only access the NJMCDirect portal from 4.30 AM to 10.15 PM (EST).
  • On Saturday, the NJMCDirect portal remains active between 4.30 AM and till 3.15 PM (EST).
  • The website is functional between 1.00 PM to 11.15 PM (EST) on Sunday.

NJMC Customer Service Details

If you are facing any difficulty in accessing the portal or any payment related issue, you are requested to connect with NHMCDirect support with the help of the following contacts.

  • You can call them directly at 973-284-4945.
  • Send them a fax at 973-284-4914.
  • You can visit their office physically at the address –

NJMC Public Safety Building

2nd Floor, 228 Chestnutt Street.

  • Working hours for the NJMC Office is 8.00 Am to 4.00 AM

 What is NJSurcharge?

The NJSurcharge refers to the additional fine/penalty levied by the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS) to the drivers who show excessive records of traffic violations. Such surcharges are imposed on people who got convicted of serious traffic offenses like driving under the influence of alcohol/drug, driving with a canceled license, or driving without clearing off the pending fine. The NJSurcharge is calculated on the total fine for all traffic violations committed by a person over 12 months.

Benefits Of NJMCDirect

  • The best part of NJMCDirect Portal is it saves time and hassle to pay traffic and vehicle parking tickets by visiting the New Jersey Municipal court premises.
  • This portal accepts payment from all the people who received tickets within the jurisdiction of New Jersey.
  • NJMCDirect website also allows you to check whether you have anything to pay towards traffic charges/fines or not.
  • As the payment method is simple and instant, it helps you to avoid any late fees.
  • NJMCDirect ensures a safe and secure mode of payment by protecting your data with end-to-end encryption and other security measures.
  • Several payment modes are available at the NJMCDirect website to pay the traffic tickets/fine.
  • Extra charge for online payment at NJMCDirect is very nominal which is about $1 or a little more.
  • Apart from paying fines/penalties/parking tickets, you have the scope to forward your traffic violation queries via this website.


 1 Do I have to pay a Convenience Fee?

Yes. You have to pay a nominal Convenience Fee while paying for your Traffic Tickets/fines via the NJMCDirect portal. The fee depends on the fine amount. Here is the chart.

Penalty Amount Convenience Fee
Less than $40 $1
$41 – $87 $2
$88 – $200 $3
More than $200 $4

2) What are the payment modes?

You can pay at NJMCDirect with a debit or credit card. It may take 2-4 working days to get your payment reflected on the site.

3) Can I search My Ticket using Number Plate only?

No. You can’t search for your ticket only with the Number Plate of your vehicle.

4) Can I pay Parking Tickets with NJMCDirect?

Yes. NJMCDirect Online Payment Portal allows you to pay your parking tickets. You can even earn some royalty points depending on the card you are using for the payment at the NJMCDirect portal.

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    1. It takes 1 to 4 days to update the information on the payment website. If the information is not updated, you should contact the court.

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    I would like to speak with a prosecutor and see if I could reduce my points or pay for a no point ticket. This is my first offence

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