NJSurcharge – Pay NJ Traffic Penalty Surcharge

NJSurcharge or New Jersey Surcharge is a program run and maintained by New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS). NJSVS levies surcharges in the form of fine or penalty against the drivers who have shown excessive traffic rule violation history over the past 12 months. Such surcharges are pressed against the drivers who are involved in serious traffic violations.

Read this article to know more about NJ Surcharge, reasons for the charge, and how to pay if you got any notice about this New Jersey Traffic surcharges. If you have any traffic fines or parking tickets, you can pay them with NJMCDirect portal. Keep reading.

Reasons for NJSurcharge

In the USA, driving records of everyone is maintained and reviewed from time to time. If anyone gathers points for serious traffic violations, those points get added to his/her driving record. The higher point means a higher rate of a traffic violation.

Drivers are charged with NJ Surcharge violation fine which is almost 3 times the usual fine. The primary reason for imposing NJS charge is to ensure better road safety for the public and to make driving more law-abiding.

Take a look at the major reasons when NJSurcharge is levied on drivers.

  • DWL or Driving without a license
  • Driving with an expired license or with a suspended license
  • Driving a vehicle with expired insurance coverage
  • DWI or “Driving While Intoxicated”
  • Refusal on taking the alcoholic test

How do I Pay NJ Surcharge?

If you have been issued with New Jersey Surcharge, then you can pay the penalty using different ways as described below.

Pay online through the website

  • You can pay the NJSurcharge online by visiting the official webpage.
  • Once the webpage is fully loaded, you can search for your Surcharge record with your Driving License Number, Surcharge Number, Judgment Number, Notice Number, or Installment Payment Plan Number.
  • Enter the details along with your Date of Birth.
  • Now press the “Submit” button.

njsurcharge portal

  • You will see a payment portal in the next window.
  • Choose your payment option.
  • You can complete your payment with a debit card or credit card or an e-cheque.
  • When you choose to pay online via the Official NJ Surcharge website, you have to bear a processing fee of 2-3% on the total amount. The processing fee is charged by the bank, not by NJ Surcharge website.

Pay via telephone

If you are not confident enough to pay the NJ Surcharge online, then you can place a call directly to NJ Surcharge toll-free number (844)-424-6829 to clear off the due. You have to share several details including your name, license number, notice number, judgment number, or NJ Surcharge number to initiate a payment. You also have to share your payment card details to complete the payment.

Pay with cash

You can also pay your NJ Surcharge directly by depositing cash at any Western Union Money Transfer outlet in the USA. After depositing the cash, don’t forget to collect the payment receipt for future reference.

Money Order of Physical Cheque

You also have the choice to make a payment towards your NJ Surcharge by sending a money order and cheque to the following address.


          P.O. Box 1502

          Moorestown, NJ 08057-9704

What happened to www.njsurcharge.com?

www.njsurcharge.com is not functional at present. When you click on the link, you will be directed to a newly updated sub-page of sate.nj.us site where you can make payments and check for additional info.

NJSurcharge Fine Details

Here is a list of NJSurcharge Fine details. This will help you to understand how much you need to pay as a penalty if you commit the following traffic offenses.

NJ Surcharge Type Per Year For 3 Years
Unlicensed Driver $100 $300
Driving with Suspended License $250 $370
Driving with Expired License $100 $300
Driving Uninsured License $250 $750
Failure to Insure a Moped $100 $300
First and Second DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) $1000 $3000
3rd DWI $1500 $4500
Refusal to take the Alcoholic Test $1000 $3000

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